Share Your World – January 16, 2017

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

Sometimes shut, sometimes open. It just depends on who got something out of one last. Certain spouses in this house — cough, cough — don’t believe in closing things.

Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?

If we’re on a special trip or something, yes, to keep as a souvenir. I have little bottles from our honeymoon, from an anniversary trip where we found out we were expecting Little Man, from our cruise, and other trips.

What is your usual bedtime?

I’m usually in bed by midnight, but it takes me forever to get drowsy and fall asleep, so you’ll often see me catching up on blog comments and posts much later. I’m usually asleep by 2:30ish.

Do you like to use post-it notes?

I prefer using my little notebook for jotting stuff down, but I do use post-it notes to put notes in Little Man’s lunchbox.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Sometime in the past year. I like to write stuff to Sam and Little Man (and soon Baby Girl) every so often.

Any phobias?

Yep, such is my nature.

How tall are you?

5’7 when I’m not having shitty posture and slouching. Glad Cee didn’t ask the weight part 😉

The Share Your World challenge is hosted by Cee’s Photography Blog.

Bad Timing, Virus

What do you get when you add a super busy week and a parent with a stomach bug together?

Nothing good!

I was in the city where I see my psychiatrist an hour away from home on Thursday when a wave of nausea hit me. I had left a store and was driving over when I began pouring sweat and feeling like I was about to puke, and then I did. Miracle of miracles, I had a bag next to me and didn’t destroy the car. I called my husband and asked him to reschedule and made the longest hour-long drive home ever.

(I’m kind of worried that I’ll still have a psychiatrist now, as I missed an appointment two weeks ago because my husband wrote down the wrong day when he called to reschedule it and then they didn’t answer when I tried to call on Thursday or Friday. They have a rule about missing two appointments and being dropped. I have no idea how strictly enforced that is, but hopefully they’ll cut me some slack.)

The next 48 hours were filled with nothing that you want to read about while zoning out browsing blogs. Hopefully no one else picks it up. Aside from not wanting people in my family to feel miserable, we’ve had puke every week since Christmas Day (which, admittedly, is only like three weeks, but feels more like three months), and it’d be nice to break that record we’re apparently going for. (On the plus side, I’ve lost 8 pounds since Thursday…all of that won’t stick, of course, but it’s still a nice silver lining until it goes away.)

On a brighter — and far less gross — note, Little Man won his school’s spelling bee last week! They had two kids from grades third through fifth, and it came down to the two third graders. He was so precious when he spelled the word for the championship. He got it right and was congratulated, and he gasped and said, “Oh my god, I won? I’ve never even been in a spelling be before and I won?!”

He will be in the district spelling bee next month, which will have him competing against kids through eighth grade! I was shocked that it wouldn’t be limited to elementary school, but hopefully he will do well. We saw a newspaper article online from last year’s district bee, and they mentioned the final eight words the last two standing had to spell, and he knew six of them. Fingers crossed!

Little Man had a science project due on Friday that he’s hoping he’ll place on (so, in between bouts of stuff you don’t want to read about, I was helping him get it put together and then found out that his project was actually due on Tuesday…sigh). He did a project on how different drinks can affect teeth using eggshells. He tested the pH level of the drinks and let it all soak for 24 hours to see which one deteriorated the eggshell the most, and (of course) my favorite — Coke — won. It was followed by wine and then coffee. It was his idea to include wine — “My favorite god is Dionysus, so we’ve gotta!” — and his teacher said some of the kids were freaking out, thinking that he actually drinks wine.

So, that’s my week. I hope y’all had a good one and will be making my way around your blogs to find out. 🙂

Weekend Coffee Share: Snow, The Flu, and Busyness

If we were having coffee, you probably wouldn’t have any trouble making it to my house (assuming you wanted to hang out with my wild bunch). Despite the promises of snowmageddon from the weatherman, it didn’t happen for us. Yesterday my town was smack in the middle of the 4 to 6 inch snow prediction. By midnight last night, the storm had shifted and we were expected to get a paltry half inch to an inch over night.


Here’s what we woke up to:

And we woke up at 9:00, which is pretty late for the kids. So, no, we didn’t get a half inch to a full inch of snow overnight. However, it just started snowing right around wake up time, and we ended up getting a nice dusting that the kids were able to have some fun with. I’m not sure if it was even a quarter of an inch, and the front yard mostly melted away by 2:00, but it was better than nothing.

Maybe next time we’ll get a little more to play in. We have a two months or so left in the snow window before early summer arrives.

After complaining about the lack of the white stuff a bit more, I’d shift gears and tell you that Baby Girl came down with the flu this week. She started getting sniffly on Tuesday, missed school on Wednesday for what seemed like a cold, and then started throwing up and had a fever on Thursday morning. Sam took her to the doctor and a test confirmed that she had the flu. (Damn myself for forgetting to get us all flu shots this year.) The doc wrote her and the rest of us prescriptions for Tamiflu. Baby Girl was up and running around the house quite a bit yesterday and dropped like a fly over in the evening. Today has been much better, so we let her go outside to play in the snow for a little while.

I’d also tell you that this coming week is going to be a busy one. Apparently the powers that be didn’t get the message about how January is supposed to be a slow month, as we have almost as much stuff going on as December. This coming week we have a bunch of appointments, Little Man will be in the school spelling bee, Little Man also has a science project due, plus some other stuff that I’m not posting because my memory sucks and I’m too lazy to get off the couch to look at my calendar. I do know that the following week Little Man has soccer tryouts (so he’s the culprit of our non-slow month).

Finally, I’d ask you for some suggestions for an Etsy shop name. I’m going to sell necklaces and other jewelry, stuff to make glass jewelry, plus I ordered some fidget cubes (great for people with ADHD and anxiety) to resale. I’m not sure how much I’m going to focus on the last thing, but figured I’d test the waters. So far the only name I’ve come up with is The Neat Freak’s Boutique. I hate naming things other than children!

I’ll stop rambling on now and ask you guys how your week went. 🙂

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster blog.

A Tale Of Two…Somethings

Since I didn’t do a Things Kids Say post this week, I’ll do a quick post on some of the interesting things I find in Little Man’s backpack.

Little Man loves drawing. As such, I regularly find doodles on the back of his worksheets and on scratch pieces of paper stuffed in his backpack. Here’s a picture he did back in first grade. Our family:

Thin waist and big boobs. I’ll take it. That’s Baby Girl to the right as a crying infant. He wasn’t much of a fan of that.

And here’s a picture I found in his backpack this week of a mermaid he drew:

The big seashell boobs cracked me up, but not as much as those teeth!

Not drawing related, but random-stuff-I-find-in-his-back-pack related, I found a list in there shortly before Christmas. He’s a big list person, so that wasn’t a surprise, but the content on the list was interesting.

Things that he wants to do: Go to London, Canada, Hollywood. Play with LEGOs, read Percy Jackson, and do science experiments. And then there’s “give a monkey a shower.” #LifeGoals

Let It Snow

There are three things that are big deals in the South: God, football, and snow. Since the last one only happens in a big way every few winters or so (and by “big way,” I mean more than a dusting that only produces a few snowballs), it’s a really big deal. At the mere mention of the possibility of a flurry two weeks out, we Southerners start buying propane for our camping stoves and batteries for our flashlights. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration — more like one week out.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, snow is on the way. The weatherman is predicting a whopping four to six inches for my neck of the woods in South Carolina.

On top of snow on Friday and Saturday, it’s gonna be super cold on Sunday and Monday — with the low getting down to one freaking degree one night and nine degrees another. Our schools closed down one day and did delays the next when the temp got down to the teens a year or two ago, so even if the snow gods do screw us over, I’m pretty sure the kids will be getting a long weekend.

Today I ran out to the grocery store and stocked up on bread and milk and a few other items. I could justify my shopping trip with the fact that we were out of milk and had only three slices of bread, plus an end piece (the other one fell in the floor when I was fixing LM’s sandwich), but I’m totally gonna pretend that it was all about #breadandmilkSNOMG. Walmart’s parking lot looked like Black Friday at two in the afternoon. The shelves were mostly wiped, but I did luck out (sort of) and got a loaf of Walmart brand sandwich sliced bread.

I’ll probably get cabin fever and be cursing the snow by Sunday, but otherwise, bring it on.

New Year, But No New Me

I’m not a big New Year’s resolutions person. I do tend to get a little more introspective around this time of year and make some goals for the year, but I’m not going to try to pull a 180 with my life or go “New Year, New Me.” It’s cool if that’s your thing, but setting big lofty goals that I get gung-ho over doesn’t work for me, as I tend to screw up pretty quickly, get down on myself (or even full blown depressed), and never get anything done.

So, one of my goals for last year was to diversify my toddlerish palate. This year I came to like coffee. I pretty much need the weakest version there is plus lots of creamer, but at least I can (sort of) legit have coffee with a friend without ordering Coke. I also came to like hot tea (which might be called plain old tea by those of you who aren’t Southerners and don’t throw a shit ton of ice and sugar in it to make it taste like heaven).


I’m pretty sure I found a couple of actual foods that I liked, but I can’t remember for the life of me what they were. (Mini 2017 goal: improve memory.) I also tried a few new things — some I liked, some I didn’t. I especially liked the wyagu steak I had with my husband in Charleston (while it doesn’t exactly count as something new since it’s steak, I wouldn’t typically have tried something foreign to me), but I wasn’t wild over the edamame, to put it nicely. I’m going to keep this goal going into this year.

I also wanted to improve my health. I did lose a little weight. It was just a drop in the bucket for what I need to lose, so I plan to keep working on it. I’m going to be more aggressive about it this year. I also cut down on my Coke consumption and plan to continue doing so, which will help a lot, as that’s by far my biggest source of empty calories.

I do have a goal to add to those for this year — cut down on spending. Namely the impulse spending. Some of it I blame on bipolar, but a lot of it is $5 or $10 here and there on toys, junk at checkout for the kids, takeout, etc. All of that adds up. Last year wasn’t the best year money-wise (our dog’s surgery and needing a new central air unit were rather costly), so I’m hoping that this year we’ll be able to put more towards paying off debt and savings. (I feel like I should add that I’m grateful that we’re in a position where we were able to take care of those things.)

It’s not a life goal, but I also want to open at Etsy shop this year to sell necklaces and other jewelry. The necklaces I made for everyone for Christmas this year were a hit (two people even cried), so I’m going to test the waters and see how selling them goes. That would certainly help with our money goal if I could get something started with that, plus I enjoy making them. If that doesn’t work out, then maybe I’ll get back to doing some freelance work.


An example (no one cried over this one).

Here’s to 2017. Do you have one goal in mind for the year?

Share Your World – Week 1

Would you prefer to receive a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle or motorcycle?

Well, considering that having a bicycle was a bit of a disaster for me, I’ll have to pass on that. I’m pretty sure a unicycle would be equally disastrous. I would love to have a motorcycle, since I think they’re bad ass (thanks, Sons of Anarchy), but Sam has already shot that down with not just a “No,” but a “Hell, no.” That leaves a tricycle. I’m not likely to turn over and break something, even if I do have a drink or two, nor am I likely to die in a high-speed death, so a tricycle it is.


What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this year?

I’d like to lose 30 pounds. I dropped a little weight last year, so slowly losing some more this year (and the next) would be great.

What was one of the highlights of 2016 for you?

There was lots of cool stuff, but I think the top highlight would probably be the mental health wish list I posted at the end of 2015 happening. To save you from clicking the link, at the end of 2015 I wanted:

  • The number of nightmares and times I wake up throughout the night with anxiety attacks reduced
  • A decrease in anxiety
  • Less mood swings, especially the ones throughout the day
  • More consistent “normal” feeling
  • Less days where I feel completely depressed.

All of those happened. Some were to smaller degrees than others, but overall there was improvement. Hopefully that’ll continue in 2017 and I haven’t jinxed myself.

Would you prefer to fly a kite or fly in a hot air balloon?

A kite! You couldn’t pay me to get into a hot air balloon. No amount of money. I did get in one as a kid at a fair or something (one of those deals where you go up maybe a hundred feet, the balloon is attached to the ground by a rope, and they bring you back down), and I was terrified. Adult me ain’t risking falling out. And I know that everyone says I wouldn’t fall out, but y’all (well, those people) obviously don’t know me that well, because I absolutely would trip over something, defy the laws of physics, and be thrown out to my death. Or the bottom of the basket would give away. I’m totally having a nightmare about this tonight.

Share Your World is hosted by Cee — check out her blog here.

TWAMS Year In Review

(TWAMS: That’s What Anxious Mom Said. Twams. Yeah, that’s not gonna work. I promise to never use that again.)

So, I guess WordPress isn’t doing the Year In Review thing anymore. I’ve gotten that email or notification (I can’t remember which) the past two years telling me how awesome my year was, which posts rocked the most, etc. I suppose I’ll have to do the hard work myself this time. And by doing the “hard work,” I mean looking at the stats that have been neatly compiled by WordPress

Here goes.


As you can see from the bar graph, the blog took a hit from 2015. Ouch. I had 193 posts in 2016 compared to 236 posts in 2015. The number from 2015 would be higher if you counted the many posts I changed to private, so that would make the drop about right numbers wise. Maybe this year I’ll blog more and network more, get back on Twitter and Facebook and all that crap. But probably not.

On to more interesting things…

WordPress shows me the top commenters on my blog. It only shows it for the past 1,000 comments rather than for the whole year, so that will have to do.

Just Plain Ol Vic

Thanks for taking the time to comment y’all and other y’alls not listed. 😀

Now for the top posts that I wrote in 2016 (based on views rather than likes, as that’s what the stats page is showing me). Certain posts and pages got more views (like my homepage, about page, and the You’re Killing Me Smalls post), but I’m going to focus just on what I wrote this year. So, my top ten posts for the year were:

Meet A Blogger: Victo Dolore
Three Fictional Characters Challenge
Meet A Blogger: The Monster In Your Closet
A To Z Theme Reveal: Text Speak
Mommy Started The Fire!
You’re So Lucky
Funny Friday: That’s No Jesus
The Birthday Girl
Mommy Do It
Throwback Thursday: My Shame

Now for a stat that tends to be equal parts amusing and horrifying — my search terms. Here’s the top search terms that led to my site in 2016:


The top list was more horrifying than amusing. And, boy, I’ve gotten a lot of hits on my Captain Morgan post over the past few weeks. I guess people have been overdoing it with the Captain during the holidays (hopefully they didn’t overdo it as bad as I did, though).

Since that list leaned more creepy than amusing, I’m going to include my top ten favorite search terms from the year:

  1. How to have hair like Meg Ryan
  2. Why do I blank out after Captain Morgans
  3. Puke bake sex
  4. Yoda fuck with him you do not
  5. Stepmom caught cleaning with no clothes on
  6. Anakin Skywalker scar
  7. Realizing you were a crap mother and what to do about it
  8. Captain Morgans makes me sick
  9. My husband is the least protective
  10. Michael Jackson ghost chant got a ghost

Some of those were freaking long! And you gotta love that number seven led to my blog. (Yep, I’m gonna laugh rather than believe that maybe the universe is trying to send me a message, as that will only lead to more therapy.)

I can’t think of anymore stats for 2016 to add beyond these. So, now you know everything about my blogging year. Possibly more than you wanted to know. Almost definitely, even. Aside from blogging regularly and avoiding the week-long (and sometimes more) breaks that happened in the last half of the year, I don’t really have any blogging goals for 2017. Maybe I should change my name to Slack Mom?

Now it’s your turn — did you have any blogging goals for 2016 that you met? Any stats that you were proud of, found amusing, etc.? Maybe you want to share your top/favorite post from 2016 for me and all of the ones and ones of bloggers that will read this post to check out? 😀

Things Kids Say Thursday: Quiz Time

Over the past few days, I’ve been filling in the answers to one of those toddler quizzes going around on Facebook. There was no way I was getting Baby Girl to sit down and have a Q&A session with me, so slipped them in while we were playing, eating, etc.

Here’s your glimpse inside the mind of a toddler…

What’s your name? Kate Kate. (She briefly went to calling herself Baby [Real Name] and has now switched back to Kate Kate.)

How old are you? 1. I’m 2 and 1, Mommy. And 3 and 4. (Mostly she tells people she’s one since she gets frustrated that she can’t hold up two fingers straight, which is imperative for being honest about one’s age. And then they marvel over her vocabulary and I have to break the news that she’s really two.)

When is your birthday? I want my birthday. (Sings) Happy birthday to Kate Kate!

How old is mommy? 4.

How old is daddy? 3.

What’s your favorite color? Brown.

What’s your favorite food? Pizza.

Who’s your best friend? Price.

What’s your favorite show? Star Wars.

What’s your favorite movie? Star Wars.

(No kidding her favorite thing on TV right now is Star Wars.)

What’s your favorite song? Twinkle Little Star.

What’s your favorite animal? Sheep.

What are you scared of? *Growls*

What makes you happy? (Raises hands in air) I’m happy!

Where is your favorite place to go? I like to go home and play tablet. And Chuck E Cheese.

What is mommy’s favorite thing to do? Play house.

What’s daddy’s favorite thing to do? Get on his computer.

What’s your favorite thing to do? Drink milk.

What’s your brother’s favorite thing to do? Play with MY toys.

If you’re detecting a bit of hostility towards Little Man on that last one, you’re right. He has taken quite an interest in her Little People play house she received for Christmas, and it’s pissing her off immensely.

The conversation has been going something like this —

“That MY house, Little Man!”
“You have to SHARE, Baby Girl!”
“YOU SHARE, Little Man. This MINE.”
“Mom, she’s not sharing!”
“Jesus Christ, y’all, again?”

Fun times!

A Goodwill Find

Earlier today, Little Man was asking some questions about my Willow Tree collection on one of the shelves in the living room. As we talked about them, my antique biscuit tin caught his eye, and he wanted to know more about that as well.

This is one of my favorite items that I own. I’ve only had it a few years and found it at Goodwill for a buck. I’m a sucker for anything decorative that is also book related (as evidenced by my mail holder, pen holder, and desk organizer, all of which depict classic books bound by a strap), so I snatched it up. After I got home with it and showed it to my husband, he commented that it looked like an antique, so I looked it up and found out that it was made around 1901.

A c.1901 Huntley & Palmer row of bound books biscuit tin, lithographically printed and embossed as if with decorative period bindings including the titles ‘History of England’, ‘Pilgrims Progress’, etc., tin belt form strap binds the exterior, marbleized type end papers, the hinged top lid with small tag handle.

After we found out that it was old — and listed as having been recently sold on an antique auction website — his next question was the worth. We saw listings for over $300 (not bad for a dollar thrift store find), but I told him there was no way in hell I was parting with it. It’s that awesome, plus it’d be something nice to pass down to my grandkids one day.

What’s something you would never part with, no matter how valuable it is?