Life Hacking Anxiety

Are you a fan of life hacks? You know, those things where you use items for reasons not their intended purposes to supposedly makes life easier?

Pretty much.

If you’re like me, you probably aren’t a fan of life hacks. You probably think that most of the time it seems like people are finding new, yet unneeded ways of doing things just so they can call something a life hack. Seeing the term likely immediately triggers the eye roll response in you, too.

With that said, now I’m going to write about a life hack. Except I’m not using a stick of chalk to start my car to save wear and tear on my key. Instead, I’m kicking it old school (am I cool enough to say that?) by using something for its actual purpose to improve life.

Most of y’all know that I’m prone to anxiety. And depression. And other things. How’s that for Fun Friday? One of my biggest triggers that can turn Okay Me into Anxiety Attack Me is reading something shitty online. By “something shitty,” I don’t mean an editorial on how certain warmongering presidential wanna-bes should be elected because they will restore religious rights in America. I mean something totally fucked up — like awful shit happening to kids, shootings, etc. That stuff can screw up my state of mind 0 to 60.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of that online. The more appalling, the more it is shared it seems. I do try to avoid reading such things, but even the very descriptive tittles are quite triggering, and they are nearly impossible to avoid without going offline.

After noticing that Facebook’s Trending News list (which there is no way to turn off via settings) was showing more of this stuff than anything else, I started looking around for something to block that and found a browser extension called FB Purity. With this extension, you can filter what you see, and one nifty thing it can do is block trending news stories. So, no more seeing that stuff when I get on Facebook. Except for what friends share anyway, and I have been unfollowing those who share such items.

I’d call that a solid life hack. That may just help with a few drops in the anxiety bucket, but any reduction in anxiety or anxiety triggers is good.


18 thoughts on “Life Hacking Anxiety

  1. I don’t know, “I don’t mean an editorial on how certain warmongering presidential wanna-bes should be elected because they will restore religious rights in America” makes me pretty anxious! And depressed when I see how many people actually vote for some certain warmongering presidential wanna-bes…

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  2. One of my triggers is horror images. Halloween season is wonderful for me and the Anxiety Brain. The image will come back into my brain when I’m just trying to go to sleep.

    Any form of animal suffering will trigger me too. I will be haunted for days about a terrible story/picture of abuse.

    I realize I’m not working the normal brain here, so I try not hold it against the poster, but I have unfollowed people who make a habit out of it. I want there to be a smart app that recognizes the sort of pics that will send me over to Anxiety Brain and block the image from me.

    Sadly I don’t do facebook so I that app isn’t much help for me. I see this stuff on tumblr or Reddit.

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    • Gah yes, add the animal stuff to my list, too. I’m not an animal person like many, but that stuff is triggering, too. That would certainly make life much easier if there were an app that would handle everything from Facebook to all other part of the web automatically.

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