Things Kids Say Thursday: Where’s Daddy?

After Sam and I got back from our date night on Valentine’s Day, we went to pick up the kids from his mom’s house. Little Man met me at the door with a Valentine he had made for me: Mom you have taken good care of me! You are the best mom in the world!, galaxy!, and universe! I love you a lot! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I gave him a bunch of hugs and gushed over how sweet it was when Sam asked about his Valentine’s Day card. “Where’s mine at, buddy?”

“Let me get that back from you,” Little Man said, snatching the card away from me. He grabbed a marker, sat down at the table, and scribbled something really quick, then handed it back over.

“See? This card is for BOTH of you. It says it’s for Mommy and you, Daddy.”

Indeed it did after that minor edit.

“You just added that on there!” Sam said huffily, pretending to be offended.

“No…no…but if you read the whole card out loud, then you automatically say ‘Mommy and Daddy,’ so you know it was meant for you.”

giphy (24)

That’s weak, son.

But I’m not complaining too much. since I got the super sweet Valentine’s Day card!

Between this and Baby Girl deciding that only her mommy can handle anything related to her needs, poor Sam isn’t feeling much of the daddy love lately. Maybe this is a good time to push the idea of Baby #3, that way there’s a chance he’ll get one that will be a daddy’s girl or daddy’s boy? 😉


18 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Where’s Daddy?

  1. ya, you go right ahead. and make sure to frame it that way. “don’t you want another chance to get a daddy’s boy or daddy’s girl?” that will go over right swell. i’m sure sam will take you to the sack right then and them, lm&bg be damned. (-:

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  2. Enjoy it….my kids didn’t remember to call me on Valentines day…I know that its all about the love of your life….well let me take that back…my daughter did FB everyone Happy V Day so I guess I was included…LOL oh well my hubby remembered me that’s what’s important….your son is a sweetheart….another baby…hummmm sounds exciting…..I hate when people call me repeatedly day after day and week after week to sell me some crap to save money…..they don’t take no…ad they change there number when they call…I have only been answering numbers that I recognize…and I even try to be nice to them…..and as far as a new disorder…I believe the doctors or therapist feel they have to come up with new names to make it look like they are actually doing something and helping their patients…I can go on and on and on – on this topic….have a good weekend….yay kat

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    • Haha yep I’m glad your husband remembered! 🙂 For real, so annoying! And we’ve been going call after call with the primary coming up, so I’ll be glad when that’s over. Hope you have a good weekend too! :

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