Meet A Blogger: All In A Dad’s Work

Ready to meet another blogger? Of course you are! Today we’re getting up close and personal with Eric, also known as StomperDad, from All In A Dad’s Work.

One of my favorite bloggers, Eric writes about his adventures with his two sons, Crash and Bang. Many of his stories have me chuckling, as they often mirror my experiences with Little Man — it’s nice to know you’re not alone with the parenting craziness! If you head over to Eric’s blog, you’ll also find posts that showcase Eric’s creative writing abilities, plus get to read about his wife and running.IMG_4915

Tell us what got you started blogging. Was there any one blog post you read from someone else that made things click for you and decide to start your own thing?

I am a parent. Therefore I am an expert in parenting. Nah, I’m just an amateur waiting to be called up to the big leagues. I know this because when I started blogging about being a dad I realized how little I actually know. My first post was in April of 2013. I’m not exactly sure what caused me to want to start writing a blog about being a dad. To tell you the truth, I haven’t the foggiest idea. Nothing. Big ol’ blank. Reading that first post, my intention was to write about the kids and running. My best guess is this idea was borne during a long, quiet, lost in my thoughts run. I started with Blogger because I already have a g-mail account there, so I thought it would be easier. But I was having trouble finding a following and making connections. Once I discovered WordPress, that all changed in a hurry. I’m not sure why I started, but I know why I continue. Thank you readers!

You can have any superpower for the rest of your parenting gig. But the power can only be used to deal with parenting stuff that comes up. What would your power be?

That sucks. I was hoping to use my superpower to do laundry and dishes and to vacuum while I played trains and Legos with the kids. A superpower to deal with parenting stuff? I wouldn’t mind a “Super Glare” power that makes kids instantly stop arguing about having to put their clean clothes away. I wouldn’t mind having “Lego Sense” either. Then I wouldn’t have to ever worry about stepping on one of those crippling things. Fix-it-Felix’s Golden Hammer would be nice, too. I could instantly fix any toys that get broken. However, I think the power I’d most want is “Ultimate Reaction” so I would know the perfect response and action to stop every meltdown, argument, and to console hurt feelings and skinned knees.

What is the toughest thing about blogging?

The toughest thing is thinking of what to write that isn’t directly about Crash and Bang. I like to tell our story, but I also enjoy about writing about parenting in general. Sometimes our story just isn’t worth telling. Not every day or every week is spectacular (or chaotic) enough to warrant its own post. I try to fill in with stuff about being a parent. It’s not easy being a parent and its not easy to write about, either. I now have four of the seven days planned. Thursdays the kids answer my questions. On Fridays I answer the kids’ questions. Saturday is for fictional writing (in 100 words). Sundays are for sharing others’ posts because it’s a great way to promote community. Just as Anxious Mom is doing with these questions! This seems to help sweeten the creative juices.

If Crash and Bang took over your blog for a day, what would we be reading about?

Good Lord. If Crash took over you would only read about Minecraft and Lego. There would be a sprinkling of Lego Star Wars for the Wii thrown in, too. I did allow him to start his own YouTube channel so he can share how to build some of his Lego creations. His first video was posted on the 9th of this month. Guess it’s time to do another! If Bang took over you’d only read about poop and farts.

Share your three most entertaining posts. Provide links and a very short summary.

I’ve done two posts where I ask Crash and Bang ten questions. They’ve turned out spectacularly, of course. You can them here and here.

In my favorite post to write so far I compared life before and after kids. While it’s tough to judge your own humor, I think it’s as funny as I think it is. Read Life Before/After Kids for a good chuckle.

My third most entertaining post is my about page. Some of it’s true. Some of it isn’t. I’ll let you decide. I will tell you I used it in university when I applied to be a student teacher while I was in the education program. They accepted my application.

What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on food while drunk? Provide as many details as possible.

This one’s easy. I don’t eat while I’m drinking. Perhaps a few bucks on some fried food – mozzarella sticks or onion rings. While I’m not sure of the dollar amount, I do know the best dollar I spent while drunk. Walking home (err back to my dorm room) after a few drinks we’d stop by Lorenzo’s Bakery. A knock on the door and dollar bill would get us a fresh, still warm from the oven donut. Perhaps the most I almost spent was about $20. A friend and I were in a grocery store (the grocery store was open all night), I was hungry for something sweet. I nearly bought a cake. The kind that feeds 20 kids at a birthday party. I came to my senses at the checkout and changed my mind to ice cream instead. My friend bought a floor lamp. He wasn’t hungry.

Any shout outs you wanna make to other blogs?

Big shout out to you, Anxious Mom. It’s mighty awesome of you to dedicate your blog to others for a day.

Others I enjoy reading are GrubbsnCritters, Coach Daddy, A Momma’s View, Ah Dad, You the Daddy, Kismaslife, and Jay Dee. They are my go tos. Though, I just did discover You The Daddy, he’s a go to now.

Thanks for participating, Eric!

If you have questions you’d like to see added to my long list of interview questions, paste them in the comments or email them to me, and I’ll rely on them incessantly work them in to future mini interviews. Have fun with it!

Want to participate in the Meet A Blogger thing? Comment on the post with your email, or email me at, and I’ll add you to the longish list of people I plan to send a short list of questions to that you can take as seriously or as non seriously as you want.


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