Meet A Blogger: I Could Be Batman

Let the accusations of nepotism roll in, as this week the blogger you’re meeting is my husband Sam, who blogs at I Could Be Batman. Sam has blogged sporadically over the past year, mostly touching on parenting topics, but plans to amp up his post count by dumping Facebook for a month and participating in the April A To Z Challenge.

Without further ado, here is the most difficult (and tardy) blog interview to date:
Meet A Blogger

What did you start blogging? 

Because you told me to. I’m going to keep blogging because it’s fun and a good stress reliever.

What has been the funniest thing you’ve witnessed as a parent? 

Probably Little Man’s impersonation of the baseball coach he had when he was 5. The coach was extremely loud and gruff and would constantly yell, “Throw the ball, Little Man, throw the ball!” Then Little Man would go around copying him and started saying stuff like “Drive faster, Daddy, drive faster!” in that gruff country voice.

If a book were written about your life, what would the title be?

Forgotten Memories – I realized answering these questions how bad my memory is.

What’s the last text you sent?

“Wow. Such a classy man,” talking about Donald Trump’s rude tweet about Ted Cruz’s wife. This election is like a three-ring circus!

If you were stranded on a deserted island (one that conveniently has electricity, a TV, and a DVD player), what three TV series sets would you take to watch? 

Angel, The Big Bang Theory, and Breaking Bad. If I could have a fourth, it would be Sons of Anarchy.

Tell us about some other blogs and why you like them. Provide links, please.

Stomper Dad – He writes about stuff I can relate to as a parent.

SD Gates – She seems super nice, and I really liked her letter to the Easter bunny.

John – I really like his style.

Sourcerer – I love the geeky stuff they post.

Thanks to Sam for participating!

Want to participate in the Meet A Blogger thing? Comment on the post with your email, or email me at, and I’ll add you to the longish list of people I plan to send a short list of questions to that you can take as seriously or as non seriously as you want.


29 thoughts on “Meet A Blogger: I Could Be Batman

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. I peed a little when I saw the pingback. Now people on the bus are laughing at me (because of pee) but I don’t care because I love myself. And I love making things about me. Like this post.

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  2. Thanks for the Ping Batman/Anxious Mom! Funny that he tagged me. I tagged him today! We loved SoA! We guessed how it would end but we were still sad about it. What a great series that was. Big Bang is great, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for making your significantly worse half appear not quite so boring and bland. This interview confirmed two things about me.

    I’m not very interesting
    My memory is shot

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  4. Hey! Thanks for the link to Sourcerer. Sadly, we’re not posting any more but I still am glad you like it. I’ve not done a last post yet because I’ve only recently decided not to start it up again, mostly because of time constraings. That blog is the most successful thing I have ever done on the internet, and most of the folks who contributed to it are still in touch and contributing to one another and such.

    All that said, there’s no way we’re removing two and a half years of geeky pop culture goodness, and that was an everyday blog for most of our run. So, the archives are deep.

    Check out the Batman archive on the Pop Culture menu. We had Batman every Wednesday for nine solid months, written by a good friend of mine. That is the crown jewel.

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