B is for BMHAW

Ready to expand your texticon again? Then let’s see what day two of the A to Z Challenge has in store for us:

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.12.34 AM

Seems like it should be BMHAAW or BMH(2A)W, doesn’t it? (Is nitpicking over the accuracy of an acronym young folks use an indicator that one’s age is north of 30?)

Use BMHAW when you want to express the frustration something or someone causes you.

Here are some things that makes me BMHAW:

  • Idiot drivers who never, ever use their blinkers. Little Man will attest to the fact that many drivers on the road are “mmmmmffffffnnnn morons who should not be allowed behind the wheel of a car.”
  • Donald Trump. Need I say more?
  • Pushy people who try to sell me stuff that I don’t want. I wrote about this here, but my most recent encounter was with a guy at Walmart who was trying to sell me a DishTV package, despite being told that I don’t have cable or satellite because I don’t want it. He insisted he could find me a package I’d be happy with (that’s what she said!), so I asked him to show me the ones for $10 or less, which is about what I pay for Netflix. He could not.
  • Older people who talk about how they did things “back in the day” in such a way that indicates precautions you take now are stupid. You know, “back in the day we didn’t have car seats and you kids turned out fine” or “back in the day everything wasn’t childproofed and you all turned out fine.” Clearly we’re coddling Baby Girl by not kicking her butt to the booster seat when she turned one and by not giving her unlimited access to poisonous cleansers.

Angry-Liz-Lemon-Gah-Reaction-Gif-On-30-RockAlternative meaning: There’s one at Urban Dictionary, and it was a little too inappropriate for this post.

Textspeak I passed up: BAMF (bad ass motherfucker), BITD (back in the day), BFD (big fucking deal).

So, what leaves you BMHAW (er, BYHAW)?


32 thoughts on “B is for BMHAW

  1. Ha -ha!!!! How funny!!!! Those people that don’t use their indicators drive me crazy. When I used to drive the kids to school, I was always shouting at the poorly trained drivers, but to keep from using any profanity I called them Sister Sledge. ie., Sister Sledge – do you not have any idea what that little stick does that extends from your steering wheel, or Sister Sledge if you would just put your coffee cup and your stinking cell phone down you might have an extra hand to use your turn signal. Oh I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore.

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  2. People who don’t say “excuse me” or “sorry” or “oops” when they burp makes me go BMHAW. Also, people who don’t hold the elevator doors when they see you running towards it. This warrants a violent BMHAW LOL

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  3. I wish I hadn’t checked urban dictionary. Urgh.. I have to say, bicyclists in London who think they own the road and are exempt from traffic rules (giving good bicyclists a bad rap in the bargain) – they make me mmmmmmffffffnnnn BMHAW.

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  4. You know damn well if you leave a link stating that’s “too inappropriate for this blog” I have to click on it. Thank you Urban Dictionary. I BMHAW when I tell my kids to do (or not to do) something and they do the complete opposite. This explains my headaches and holes in the wal.

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  5. LMAO I hate the directTV guy at Wal-Mart! Butthead thought it was mean when I told the guy he couldn’t beat free, when he said he could offer a great rate! LOL (we just do the free over the air digital)

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