Meet A Blogger: Nerd In The Brain

Ready for a short break in learning 254 new acronyms to annoy and/or curse your family and friends with via text? It’s time to meet a new blogger, and this week you have the pleasure of meeting Emily, who posts at Nerd In The Brainimage (4)

Emily, who is often accompanied by her merry band of dinosaurs, has one of the funnest and most educational (yes, those two things can exist at the same time!) blogs around. Read more about Ms. Nerd and what you can find on her blog below.

What got you started blogging? And, more importantly, why do you stick with it? 

Well, I originally started blogging as a way to promote my business, but my blog quickly evolved into something else altogether. It turned into a place for me to encourage others to learn and play and goof off…and it gave me an outlet for sharing my own learning and playing and goofing off. I stick with it because I love the community of it all. I love my blog friends, and I super-love to see them get excited about a science activity or math challenge or just general nerdly fun.

Sell your blog in 10 words or less. No threats or bribes, please. 😉

Play, explore, experiment, learn, be silly, have fun…or else. 😉

If you could have a dance off with any other blogger, who would it be? Which dance move would you bust out to win the thing?

The first blogger that came to mind was Evil Squirrel, but I’m pretty sure he could bust some sassy moves…I’d be defeated in no time. Of course, who knows if he could withstand the might of my fierce cabbage patch. (Hehe…I LOLed just typing that.) I think Rarasaur would be a great one, too…I think, maybe, she’d let me win. 😉

Go to and read the 5 latest new submissions. Which is your favorite?

image (25)

Okay, this is lame, but I’m going with “sock marks.” It’s not gross or drug-related or full of non-Nerd in the Brain-friendly language. 😉 It’s just the marks that your socks leave on your ankles/legs. Do we even really need an Urban Dictionary entry for something that is exactly what the words say?

If you knew that your blog was going to crash and you’d lose everything but 3 posts, which posts would you want to save? (Links, por favor.)

Oh, this is a tough question because I’ve often thought of deleting every single post on the blog and starting over…total scorched Earth with the blog. I’m actually not super-attached to any single posts. I love doing my Three Things Thursday series and my Adventure Snack series and anything that gets people participating and doing fun stuff.

Time to show the love. Please list three other blogs you’re really into right now, as well as a sentence or two to describe what they’re about.

Only three?!? Okay, well, this in no way means that there aren’t lots of other blogs out there that I’m enchanted with (because there are lots!), but here are three that I’ve been enjoying for a long time now…because they’re all full of the awesome:

Trent’s World – He writes so much great fiction and takes pretty, pretty pictures and does a great job of splashing the world with happiness and kindness and compassion.

My Open Sketchbook – This blog is a fantastically brilliant assortment of arts and crafts and home school and general nerdery. Kayly’s art is amazing…and I’ll be featuring her on my blog in the very near future. (Excited!) 😀

Bloggity Ramblings – A fabulous collection of Lego pics, nerdery, and fun…with a little bit of snark. She’s awesome.

Thanks to La Nerd for participating!

Want to participate in the Meet A Blogger thing? Comment on the post with your email, or email me at, and I’ll add you to the longish list of people I plan to send a short list of questions to that you can take as seriously or as non seriously as you want.


18 thoughts on “Meet A Blogger: Nerd In The Brain

  1. OMG! I’d feel sorry for anyone who had to watch me attempt to break off a little something something… and I’m pretty sure I’d end up in the ER before the cabbage patch had to be broken out! I’d definitely have to send my virtual Evil Squirrel out to dance in my place…

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