X is for XLA, #AtoZChallenge

The first half of this challenge started off great. There was a ton of good textspeak to choose from, especially acronyms. But now that I’m near the end, the well has been drying up a bit. It’s bone dry with the X day. There are a handful of X acronyms, but they aren’t post worthy, so instead, I’m gonna make up another acronym and go from there.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.10.56 AM

Little Man likes texting people from his tablet (and by people, I mean mostly myself and his dad). I don’t think he knows any acronyms yet, so to help introduce him to the wide world of textspeak, I’m going to start using acronyms in our conversations. Only these acronyms won’t be WTF, GTFO, STFU or anything like that, no matter how much they’re running through my head. Instead, I’ve created a few acronyms to use, and they are XLA, especially from a kid’s perspective.

My XLA for when LM starts texting:

GTYR: go to your room.

CUYR: clean up your room.

FTD: feed the dog.

SBSL: stop being so loud.

BQOUWWYS: be quiet or you will wake your sister.

PYOGOM: pour your own glass of milk.

TOTTV: turn of the TV.

YGMAHA: you’re giving me a headache.

TOTT: take out the trash.

DYHW: do your homework.

GO: go outside.

FTLOGGO: for the love of god, go outside.

TDBGHAPD: tell Daddy that Baby Girl has a poopy diaper.

EYV: eat your vegetables.

Alternative meaning: None.

Textspeak I passed up: XOXO (hugs and kisses) and XTC (ecstasy).

Lame enough? What XLA would you add?


12 thoughts on “X is for XLA, #AtoZChallenge

  1. My mother uses these XLA things all the time, and I have no idea WTF she’s goin on about. Yesterday she shot me TFA and I was stumped. TFA may as well be Totally Fucking Annoying. Some of them, she just makes up. Like SWKM — Sports Will Kill Me.

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