Meet A Blogger: Filosofa’s Word

Today we meet Jill, who blogs at Filosofa’s Word. This is the blog to follow if you are at all interested in politics and current events. Jill does an awesome job of keeping her readers in the know, especially about some things that might not get a lot of media coverage otherwise. Plus, she’s witty and a great writer!

What made you decide to start a blog? And why do you stick with it? Meet A Blogger

I had been writing book reviews for several years, publishing them on Amazon and Goodreads, and I was basically just looking for an additional venue to publish my reviews. Eventually, after reading other blogs, I expanded my horizons and now have a full-fledged blog that I find very fulfilling.

Why do I stick with it? Well, I write mainly two types of material: political and social commentary. Both are rather dark subjects, so every now and then I try to throw in a bit of humour, but it isn’t my main focus. I stick with it because I like to think that I am shedding light on some of the important socio-political issues facing the world today, and I like to think that at some point maybe I help somebody understand an issue better, or consider a side they have never considered before. In other words, it is my voice to the outside world and I hope that I am doing something good.

Which blog posts make up your blog’s Hall of Fame?





Just for fun, go over to the Trump Insult Generator and take a screenshot of the insult slung your way and include it here (or copy and paste).

“Do you believe highly overrated Jill? What a dope!”

Go to your iPod or whatever you use to listen to music and hit the shuffle button. What are the first five songs on the list?

1. Rainy Night in Georgia – Aaron Neville

2. Blowing in the Wind – Peter, Paul & Mary

3. This Night Won’t Last Forever – Sawyer Brown

4. Puff, the Magic Dragon – Peter, Paul & Mary

5. Just Once – Quincy Jones

What are your top pet peeves in the blogosphere?

Disrespect … either in the post itself or in the comments. I have zero tolerance for disrespect.

Religious, preachy blogs … I simply don’t follow or read them.

Links that do not work … it only takes a minute to test your link.

What’s the craziest/funniest lie someone has ever told you? And did you let it slide or did you call them on it?

When my children were small, they were outdoors playing with neighbor children and my son came running into the house saying “whatever they say I did, I didn’t do it!” I didn’t have to call him on it … the other kids did it for me!

Finally, which blogs are you loving on right now? Kindly include names, links, and a brief description.

Autumn Ambles – Beautiful pictures accompanied by short poems that I can actually understand and appreciate! (I am ‘poetry-challenged’)

Barataria, the work of Erik Hare – precise and logical political/economic analysis

a cooking pot and twisted tales – lots to love here, sometimes humour, sometimes introspection, always a good read

fromscotlandwithloveblog – written by a young woman who is currently volunteering on the Isle of Kos (Greece), working with refugees, she writes beautifully heartbreaking posts about her experiences

The Playground – Thumbup finds some of the most fun things on the internet … always brings me a smile or a chuckle

Stuck in Perpetual Soliloquy – ferddhie lives in Ghana, and though he does not post often, his posts are always interesting and provide a glimpse into a culture that is much different than my own

That’s What Anxious Mom Said – Anxious Mom is sometimes introspective, often humorous, and I absolutely love the stories about her children

Thanks for participating, Jill!


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