Inside The Mind Of A Mentally Constipated Blogger

Today and yesterday have been mental constipation days as far as blogging is concerned. Ever been inside the mind of a mentally constipated person? Probably so, if you’re a blogger. If not, it goes something like this…

Since good ideas aren’t plentiful again, I decide to go with the Daily Prompt for today, which is “Angry.” I open up a new post and write a few words, then realize that since I don’t feel like writing about my usually silent She-Hulk temper (wouldn’t that make for a sucky comic book character — mom who quickly and quietly fumes something serious in her head?) or offending anyone by writing about certain angry groups of people that have annoyed me, that maybe I’ll pass on this one.

Sigh. Move to Trash. I wonder what my ratio of published posts to drafts that never saw the light of day is?


I go to Facebook. I save recipes for dishes that I’ll never eat, but that my family might like. Well, that Little Man and Sam might like, since Baby Girl is pickier than me. I roll my eyes at posts made by a few angry people and scroll on. Then I get an idea for a post — I’ll write about something sort of funny that happened in Charleston. But then I can’t get past the beginning paragraph and click Move to Trash once again.

Then I decide to wander around the house a bit. Time to set the washer back again since I left the clothes in too long. I fume over the hardening rigatoni remnants in a bowl in the sink not being rinsed out, despite asking certain individuals in my house to be sure to rinse their dishes at least 132 times over the past week. Or close to it, anyway.

I make my way back to my desk, where I see how far back I can lean in the chair without it tipping over. Not far. Then I wonder why the hell I’m still doing that at age 32 and hope that I won’t have a headstone that reads “Death by chair” before I’m 40. And then I open another draft, type a few words, delete those words, and try again. Nothing quite sounds right.


Back to Facebook. I see that a friend opened up her pool today and admire her deck, which she says they just stained, and realize that Sam still hasn’t stained or sealed the deck he built for our pool two years ago. I head over to the Lowe’s website and price some sealant and send an email reminding my husband to buy it this weekend. Emails are the best reminders, because I have proof when he claims I didn’t tell him.

See that email right there? That isn’t bolded because you opened it? That you responded to? Hell yes, I told you.


Then I get a good idea — I’ll use one of the silly topics I joked around about in my Making This Blog Hot post. I decide to write a sarcastic post on how to be successful at the blogging like me. But even that fizzles out between a combination of the funny sarcasm not being strong with me tonight and knowing someone(s) will take shit seriously and get all up in my comments section. Maybe another day…


Sam gets home from taking the kids out for a while and Baby Girl decides to give me a break by force feeding me her snack. I try to resist, but a combination of cuteness and salty goodness makes me cave. And then, just as I’m inserting gifs in the appropriate places, I have a decent idea for a post. But I’ll save it for tomorrow, and hopefully I won’t get stumped a couple paragraphs into it. If I do, to hell with it, and you’ll get a post that you might think BG hit the Publish button on while I was typing it delivered to your inbox (or reader).

What do you think your ratio of published posts to drafts that never saw the light of day is?


42 thoughts on “Inside The Mind Of A Mentally Constipated Blogger

  1. I’ve been blogging at my Stories from Sonobe blog since 2005 and saw that in 11 years, I’ve published 644 posts and 22 drafts. But of course there are no stats for those drafts that I’ve trashed because I’m efficient at emptying virtual bins. So, I would say that my ratio of published posts to drafts that never saw the light of days is 1:4? Or maybe not. I suck at fractions.

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  2. First off, we love “The Office” and “Breaking Bad” so your gifs are relevant to us. 🙂 As soon as I get an idea, I save it as a draft so I have a TON of drafts. Okay, like 100. And maybe 15 posts. Pretty new here. Also, I hate math so whatever that turns out to be ratio wise. Lol.

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  3. About 1100/2. I’ve only opened the editor twice to write a post without ever publishing it. Both retro TV ad mockfests. One where my inspiration just petered out after a couple paragraphs (It’s still in my draft folder after 2 years should I ever want to try again), and the other which I realized halfway through was going to be way too controversial for even my blog and it’s the only post I’ve ever outright shitcanned….

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  4. Once I get an idea for a post, it’s rare that I stop writing it once I’ve started. One thing that works for me is I have a Word document on my desktop and every time a fleeting idea passes through my brain, I type it in. Now if I can’t get an idea to squeeze out of me, I can go to my idea list. It works most of the time.

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  5. I have 17 drafts. I don’t know if or when I will post them. Sometimes, after 6 months or so, I think about moving to trash…rarely I do.
    I totally relate to this post though. “RICE KRISPIES stuck to bowls?!? And whatever you do, don’t even think about rinsing a colander! No, you just pile dishes and rinse food right over it. Make it all cloggy and gooky! Because you hate me.”
    Thanks for the email tip. I’m LOVIN that. Yes Ma’am, got some emails to send. Mmhm.

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  6. Well, since it’s been my 2 year anniversary on WordPress I remember only having 3 out of only 300+ that I didn’t publish. It’s not that I couldn’t find the things to say, it’s that I didn’t about them and went back and they didn’t apply to situation anymore. Although I do wish I hadn’t deleted all of my Florida posts…

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  7. Hahaha … I can SO relate to this! I write all my posts offline (Word) before copying to Word Press, and I know I have at least 200 documents with one or two paragraphs that just simply wouldn’t go any further for me. Sometimes I am highly inspired, others it’s a struggle. The good news is that the ‘writer’s block’ rarely lasts more than 2 days for me. And sometimes I restart my dryer 4-5 times because I keep forgetting to actually take the clothes out, then I just finally say “to hell with it … they can just wear them wrinkled or learn to do their own damn laundry!”

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  8. There’s a delete button? Lol. I’ve deleted a few, but mostly Injust leave them in my drafts in case they just need more time to simmer. I love that you managed to write a whole post about not being abel to write a whole post.

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