Throwback Thursday, Search Terms Style

No, this is not the post I had the idea for when I was writing about my mental constipation yesterday. It’s coming, though. Between being in a brain fog for the first half of the day thanks to a nighttime anxiety medicine that shall be chucked and being busy with other stuff, functional blog writing time hasn’t happened so much. Yet.

This is an easy and quick enough post, though, my blog search terms for last month. There aren’t many, as I’ve been getting almost 100 percent unknown search terms for the last couple weeks or so, but there was a gem or two.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.20.47 AM

I’ve already covered my confusion over the sprained ankle family blog last month, and here it is again. (Spoiler alert — before you google it, there is no blog dedicated to an accident prone family with the tendency to fuck up their ankles.)

Now, I don’t want to know why “moms kick testicles” was being searched for, or why it was searched for twice and led here, but the reason for that is the comments section of a post where Little Man referenced my “nuts.”

My favorite of these was the “captain morgans makes me sick” search term. Now, for every drunk person who looks this up, I’ll be the second site they come to. Hooray for me. This was one of my funnier-pathetic posts where I talk about how I’ll never drink Captain Morgan’s again. And I won’t.

Did y’all get anything weird or funny in your search terms last month?


23 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, Search Terms Style

  1. I just keep getting the masturbators. This week so far has brought: “international masturbation month,” “anatomy of an orgasim” [sic], and “masturbation shame.”


    Sigh. Everything else is unknown.

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  2. I mostly get “unknown search terms” but there have been 2 searches of “biker images” that led to my blog. I have no clue. LOL The search terms you got are hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I see you’re still getting a lot of mileage out of “you’re killing me smalls” ๐Ÿ™‚
    My most popular search term over the last 30 days was “tin of hot dogs”. Huh? I used an image of a tin of hot dogs in 2014, but still…

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  4. Mine were all tame! How lame. Sunday, Windows 10 won’t work, life’s too short to match socks. Yours are way cooler. Though a few months ago someone searched “8 year old pissing photo”. That one made me a bit nervous. 8 year, yes. Pissing, yes. Photo? Hell no :l

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