Meet A Blogger: SassaFrass, The Feisty

The blogger you’re meeting today is my future Lord of the Rings tour mate, SassaFrass, who writes at SassaFrass, The Feisty. Between her sense of humor and tendency to keep shit real, I adore Sass. If you visit Sass’s blog, you’ll find that she writes very candidly about her mental health issues, as well as parenting and life in general.

How long have you been blogging, and what got you started?

Screenshot 2016-06-13 at 1.33.25 AM

Two years May 30. In my post Blog-aversary I talk about what got me into blogging. Short answer is there. Long answer is when my not soon enough to be ex husband kicked us out and I stopped working, I couldn’t afford to see Jane my therapist. So I was looking for a way to have a therapeutic outlet and voila! Sassafrass20blog was born. It was SUPPOSED to be SassaFrass2.0blog but WordPress has this thing with dots in names…

If there was a book published on your life, what would the title be?

I heard my son say “Beautiful Chaos,” so that would be the name of my book.

What are five of your biggest pet peeves?

  • Assholes that don’t use their turn signals
  • Assholes that don’t do the speed limit
  • Assholes that ride my ass
  • Ignorance and intolerance are tied

What is the craziest lie one of your kids has told you?

They both say they didn’t do something when they did and I have the proof in my hands. Nothing really crazy, so I guess I’m lucky (?) in this area.

Pull up your mp3 player on your phone and hit shuffle – what are the first five songs (title and band)?

  • Remedy by Adele (25)
  • Sky Song from Outlander
  • Meet Me on the Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie (Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack)
  • Mess is Mine by Vance Joy (Dream Your Life Away)

If you went viral for something, what would it be?

It would probably be me saying a slew of profanities while in labor, telling my partner I will kill them for doing this to me while crying and saying how much I love them. No rationale where Bipolar and pregnancy are co-mingling! (DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT PREGNANT)

What are three other blogs everyone should be following? (Link and brief description, please.)

  1. My friend Morgue over at Take a Ride on My Mood Swing is brutally honest about her every trials and tribulations with life as a single mom in Armpitville, USA with mental health afflictions. (Anxiety and Bipolar are the biggest). She’s very candid with her struggle and her love of all things gore related, especially her horror movies. I love her! We have ongoing word wars were we make up words or use other words in place of cuss words or medications, and we’ve named our followers. She pushes me to be more creative.
  2. My lovely friend S. D. Gates whom I followed because I thought her name was SPARKLY PANTS, when in fact it is SPARKY PLANTS. So now we have our ongoing joke about gold lamme hot pants (like) the one character from The Rocky Horror Picture Show wears. She’s a wonderful writer living in California and writes about her life there, her books, her family, her dogs, and her stories. She’s brilliant in her word craft. And when I read her writing it’s like talking to a mother in the kindest way possible. She pushes me to be more concise.
  3. The last one is hard… Choosing just THREE. My last one is nombre de la pluma. I love his writing. He does poems and writes about his daily struggle with life all while still adoring his wife Mrs. M, food, and adult beverages. His style is like a statement font: not too bold or big, just enough of an attention getter to pull you into his fray and wish you had money to help him out. (We all wish that don’t we? To help our friends no matter what.)

    Thanks for participating, Sass!


7 thoughts on “Meet A Blogger: SassaFrass, The Feisty

  1. Omg i just read that and I was like “I’m so lame” lolol. Thanks for letting me participate E! Can’t wait for our LOTR trip to NZ with Blah! (and if there’s anyone else who wants to join, they need to be screened first for acceptance) 😉😉

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