The 2016 Netflix Challenge

One thing I see on social media a lot is challenges. Not so much the kind where people do stupid shit that sends them to the hospital and you get to roll your eyes at someone for being a dumbass (there seems to be less of these as I/my friends have aged), but the kind where you have to move.

Yes, move.

There are challenges for abs, challenges for squats, challenges for push-ups — you get my drift. These are not challenges I’m inclined to do anymore so than I’m inclined to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon or chug a gallon of milk because I’m lazy, because it’s hot, because…just because.

I finally came across a challenge more up my ally, though, and it doesn’t involve moving or doing anything that’ll land me in the ER — it’s the 2016 Netflix Challenge.


There are a couple of things that will be tough for me to do on this list — like watch a one-star movie (I guess there is always the zombie beavers movie that was mentioned in the comments of my Netflix and Swill post) or finding one set in my state of South Carolina — but otherwise, I think I got this. A few I’ve already done, like watch a Netflix original series (Orange is the New Black) and watch a movie not in my language (The Hunt), so I’ve got a head start on this challenge.

So, who’s with me? And, any non-shitty movie recommendations (so I can check out the “movie recommended on this blog” box)?


47 thoughts on “The 2016 Netflix Challenge

  1. Brendan says:

    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    the first two Godfathers
    the original Star Wars trilogy
    In the Name of the Father
    Annie Hall
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    True Grit (either one)
    Kramer vs Kramer
    Silence of the Lambs
    Carlito’s Way
    Drugstore Cowboy
    Batman (Keaton / Nicholson version)
    Stand and Deliver
    Apocalypse Now

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  2. I had a serious Netflix addiction during my husband’s last deployment. Arrested Development and 30 Rock especially. I wouldn’t know what to recommend, I lurve movies 🙂 I can’t do this challenge. I hardly got to watch any tv this week.

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  3. N. says:

    This is a great idea! Finally a ‘challenge’ I just might make it all the way through 😂 I tried during the squat challenge last summer and only made it to day 15 before declaring to all that would listen that I’d die if I ever did another squat again

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  4. So much Netflix, so little time…
    I think “Continuum” has just hit 3 series, that’s well worth a watch (assuming it’s also showing on US Netflix – we get a different lineup over here), and there are plenty of vampire/zombie/end of the world 1 star films that you can watch while blogging 🙂

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  5. Sorry, can’t join you in this one. I never watch television and find it hard to stay focused for the length of a movie, or to get interested in a series. In fact, my S.O. keeps recommending movies that he wants me to watch, and I have only watched one … which has him grumbling mightily 🙂


  6. Tallulah is a Netflix original film with Ellen Page that was just released. It’s good. Stranger Things has one season (so far) and it’s 8 episodes of 80’s nostalgia goodness in mystery format. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a one-star film. Some other random good TV stuff: Parks and Rec, Criminal Minds, Sense8, Lost, Parenthood, Breaking Bad, Revenge, Friday Night Lights, Lie to Me, The Tudors, Firefly (also only one season), Shameless, The 4400, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jessica Jones. Good movies: Pulp Fiction, Fruitvale Station, Silver Linings Playbook, Short Term 12, The Princess Bride, Stardust, Colonia, Atonement, Jurassic Park, Underworld, Braveheart, Galaxy Quest, Roman Holiday, Good Will Hunting. Kinda all over the place but I hope that helps 🙂

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    • Thanks for the recommendations, you rock (we have a similar taste in movies/TV…gah, Firefly!)! We wrapped up Stranger Things last night (stayed up way too late). That was good! It seems like Netflix has a lot of wins. I hope you’re doing well btw 🙂

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