New Cars Don’t Keep

I’m pretty sure the universe wants me to lay off new cars. “Go with certified pre-owned, instead!” it says.

The first new car I bought — shortly after signing my teaching contract — was a 2006 Honda CR-V. I loved that car. Loved it. It stayed shiny and new for several months, until someone backed into us in a parking lot. We had already backed out and the other person backed into us. Into the tire on the cargo door, to be specific. My dad was able to get the dent out, but there was no consoling me over the torn Gamecocks tire cover.


The second new car I bought was a Prius, which we bought a few months before getting pregnant with Baby Girl. Shortly after buying the thing, I hit a boulder. Sam said it was just a big rock, but it looked boulder-like to me. Someone had “decorated” the Goodwill parking lot with these big ass rocks (a term we can all agree on), presumably to keep people from driving into the grassy areas, and my shitty depth perception self misjudged a turn and hit one. It left quite a dent in the side of my car.


A few weeks later, some little shithead was throwing stuff at cars on the bypass in our town and my car got hit by a brick. I was pissed (but thankful that it didn’t go through the window and hit LM or me). We filed a police report, nothing came of it, and we eventually ponied up the money to fix both the rock dent and the brick dent.


Enter new car number three. Let me tell you, a family of three fits just fine in a regular ol’ Prius, but a family of four — one of whom is a baby with all the million things a baby needs with her — not so much. That car was constantly bursting at the seams with stuff, so shortly before BG turned 2, we decided to get a new, bigger, more comfortable car. We got a Prius V, which has about the same amount of space as the smaller SUVs. That is plenty for us (as long as kid #3 doesn’t come along), and we feel like kings with all of the extra leg room.

But, as new cars go, this car wasn’t meant to keep it’s pristine new car look for long. (Or the new car smell, thanks to BG going all Exorcist girl about 8 times in the first three weeks.) Aside from the kids wreaking havoc on the back on the backseat, my car got hit by a damn railroad crossing signal bar thingy last night.


I don’t even get upset at this point.

Before you say anything, let me get this out of the way: not my fault.

I approached the crossing. The signal lifted and a couple cars passed. I eased up to double check, when the signal started blinking and the bar dropped on top of my car. Naturally, I was scared, thinking “OMG, TRAIN!” and threw the car in reverse and backed up (and thankfully no one was there, or they would have been…is front ended the term?). And, just as abruptly, the signal turned off, the bar went up, and alas, there was no train in sight.

There’s only a tiny bit of damage (it looks like a small rock flew up and hit the roof of my car), but still, sigh. Sam plans to call whoever is in charge of the train stuff today to let them know their signal is malfunctioning.

So, this is me swearing off new cars. Maybe I’ll be more successful at this than I was over swearing off Cokes. 😉

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29 thoughts on “New Cars Don’t Keep

  1. I bought only one (1!) new vehicle in my lifetime, and it was a mistake. It was a bright red, Toyota Tacoma, extended cab pick-up truck. I loved it . . . at first. Then one dark morning, I was headed to work on the Interstate, and barely missed the dead deer that someone so kindly left in the middle of the left lane, but when I swerved back into the left lane, I ran over a long strip of metal that the vehicle which so kindly hit that deer, left in the middle of the road. It went up through the grill on the front of the truck (the metal, not the deer), and I didn’t learn until a little later that morning that it also gouged a deep path right up the front of my radiator, which was leaking anti-freeze all over my parking space. That was just the beginning of the many woes I went through due to the quality of that ‘new truck.’

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  2. That sucks! I had a new car only once in my life, it was fine, but I sold it for my first move up to Seattle. My wife’s (at the time) car was the same car (we bought them both new together) and the timing belt snapped just enough miles over the scheduled maintenance mileage to be covered under warranty. (We had the appointment scheduled and everything.) It threw a rod through the cylinder wall, killing the compression and would have cost more than the car was then worth to fix it.

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  3. Yeah, I feel your pain. The one new car I ever owned ended up UNDER a barbed wire fence. Used from then on. I seem to take a little better care of then and don’t get so pissed at every knick and scratch. Monkey did Exorcist in one car one time. My fault though. I let her chug a chocolate milk…🙊
    Hopefully Sam gets the railroad informed and maybe they’ll pay for repairs…wishful thinking 😉

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  4. Jeanette says:

    There was a crossing near where I used to work that had a lot of high speed trains coming through, so it was really just a matter of two cars passing through before the train thing would come down again (see my excellent technical term usage there). I was driving the Trans Am at the time which had no ground clearance, which means I had to go super slow over those crossins in order not to bust up under the car, which added to the “fun” of leaving a work every day 😀

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  5. I HATE cars. Old or new, they are a terrible pain. I’d love nothing more than a shift in our socio-economic system that would change us to using more public transit systems. Of course, they need to be built first.

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  6. I’m on to buying only used cars. They retain their value better, even with the bumps and dings they tend to get. It’s much better value. Sure, it sucks when that means inheriting problems, but it’s not always that way. Besides, when stupid things happen (because it seems that’s the way it always works), sometimes it feels better when the car was old to begin with.

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  7. I don’t think the term “certified pre-owned” even existed when I bought my used car in 2000, but I’m still driving it. Meanwhile, my parents have gone through untold number of new SUV’s… most of which barely last until the final payment is made due to all the extra high tech crap they put on cars now that inevitably fails and is too costly to repair…

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    • It hadn’t dawned on me till you said that that there’s no way this car will last 10 years as we hope. Not without spending some serious $$$ when the electronics go bad. They definitely don’t make stuff to last anymore.


  8. I will never, ever buy anything expensive and new, especially while I have minor children. My dad and stepmom came to town a few years back, and they are pretty well-off. I think she wanted to take me shopping as gratitude for producing grand-spawn. Being all grossed-out by my post-spawn bod, I wasn’t being as extravagant as she likes. She finally picked up one of those fancy Michael Kors bags. Sure, it was cute. I looked at the tag. 800 fucking dollars. For a purse. I told her hell, no. But why not? Because this glorious purse will end up with a slurry of Goldfish crumbs, fruit snacks, sucker sticks, and used Kleenex at them bottom. I couldn’t bear it.

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    • It’s such a waste. We had such nice furniture when we got married. Not anymore. Last couch we got was used because why bother? I had hopes for the car, though, figured with BG being older and not needing a bottle on the road there would be less puking and all. Ha. Good lord $800? I thought I was being a big spender when I got a Sak bag for $70 last year. 😀


      • I lament the new fur note we bought in March (and are still paying on) every day. The kids have been somewhat decent other than the damn bouncing. The cats?? I will never own a cat again. They have destroyed it.

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