Things Kids Say Thursday: Lists And Chaos

Grocery shopping with Little Man can get interesting, as he is a list person who questions every item I place in the cart that isn’t on the list. I’ve written about this before. Lately, he’s taken to chiding me for not organizing my list by section. Sigh.

I let Baby Girl hold the list when we went shopping by ourselves on Monday, and it was nice not to hear fussing over list items, backtracking, and so on. I explained to BG what the list was when we started and showed her the words that corresponded with the items I picked up and let her help cross things off. She liked this and toward the end of the trip, she found a way to use the list for her own means.

“Mommy, get cookies,” she told me. She pointed to a random word on the list. “Dat ‘cookies.'”

Smart girl. How could I say no? I picked up a pack of cookies and she scratched something on the list with the pencil.

She later spotted an Olaf toy. “Mommy, get Olaf.”

I wasn’t falling for it this time. “Olaf isn’t on the list,” I told her.

“Olaf on there!” she insisted. She thrust the list towards my face. “Olaf!” She then scratched through something on the list and waited for me to get the toy. I did not. This warranted my list being tossed onto the floor. So much for having a laid back littleΒ helper.

“Mom, have you seen my ideas journal?” Little Man asked shortly before bedtime last night. “It’s blue and says ‘All My Great Ideas’ on the cover.”

I hadn’t. “Maybe it’ll turn up when I straighten up tomorrow.”

“I sure hope so,” he said worriedly. “I’d hate for it to turn up in the hands of the U.S. government. That could mean chaos!”

Somehow I managed to hold back my laughter. I told Sam about LM’s comment later, and he told me that LM had expressed a similar sentiment earlier that day. “Only he told me that he was terrified his journal would fall into the hands of Russia. He said that was literally the worst possible thing that could happen.”

“What the hell does he know about Russia? Where’s he getting this stuff?” I asked.

Sam shrugged. “Who knows.” I’ll have to do a little digging tomorrow, but after thinking on it a bit, I’d bet it has something to do with The Avengers.


28 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Lists And Chaos

  1. Great post! I don’t even know which tale I like better, they’re both so funny and precious!
    I keep a list on the counter in the kitchen, and I randomly holler to people to write things on it. For instance, yesterday I buttered my toast and cried out, “BUTTER ON THE LIST!” but then I realized I was the only one in the house! Ahahaha! Anyway, then I do compile it and put it in order before I shop.
    I have “Joey’s Book of Fings and Stuffs” — it’s my comp pad of well, obviously, fings and stuffs.

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  2. Full out laughing reading your post! The first part about your daughter was very cute, I love how smart children’s little minds are. The part about your son and his humours comments, I can totally relate. One of my little guys said to me, “Wanna play games? I can handle it!” It was straight out of the blue, so funny from a pint sized person. Took me a minute to figure it out as well, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Great post!

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  3. He’s not watching the news and the election shenanigans, is he? Poor kid! I’d love to know what’s in his books. He might actually have a sensible solution to our messed-up world. DD has a positive notebook and a negative notebook (among others). I don’t think we were ever this entertaining as children, were we?

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    • No, we rarely turn the news on (just read online).

      A couple things I remember were separating hydrogen and oxygen in H20 and something about using huge magnets as a new mode of transportation. Pretty cool!

      That’s neat! No, I doubt we were πŸ˜€

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