Things Kids Say Thursday: Conflict Resolution

It’s been a week since my last post, which was also a Things Kids Say post. Don’t worry — it’s not that I’ve run out of anything to post about other than things my kids say (although I could probably run a blog solely off that). Everybody’s been sick in my house (nothing major, just nasty colds). Again. I’m so over these school germs the kids are bringing home, and we’re only a couple months into the school year.



Now that I have the explanation for my lack of posting out of the way, on to one of the funny things my kids said.

I’ve probably mentioned how much we like The Office in this household (or have referenced the show in some way) as many times as I’ve mentioned That Band Who Shall Remain Nameless. Little Man is a fan, too, because he’s awesome like that.

Last week, Little Man came home from school complaining about having a bad day in his GT program (which is in the same building at his regular school). I was concerned and asked what happened.

“The teacher said no more Pokemon. Can you believe that? No more cards, nothing at all with Pokemon on it.”

“How come?”

“Because the principal said it’s banned. He said too many parents were calling about cards going missing or getting taken or bad trades, and instead of just saying, ‘Hey, y’all, stop calling me,’ he decided to ban Pokemon. Forever.”

“Hmm. That makes sense. He runs your school and the GT program, so he probably doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on Pokemon cards,” I told him.

Little Man sighed. “Do you think we could do Michael Scott’s conflict resolution with them so we can all be happy?”

If you aren’t familiar with The Office, or haven’t watched each episode a dozen times, he’s referencing an episode where manager Michael Scott decided to resolve conflicts in the office in what he thought was a more effective manner than what his HR guy was doing.

I guess LM missed the part where Michael’s style of resolving conflicts only made things worse.

I held back my laughter. “Are you suggesting that maybe we take a picture of a Pokemon card, put it on a shirt, and have your principal wear it? That way he gets what he wants and you guys still get to see something with Pokemon on it. Win-win-win.”

He wasn’t amused.


So, what’s up in your world? Anything funny you want to share?


12 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Conflict Resolution

  1. Nothing funny I can think of, but heard some exciting..or may be exciting news from my daughter. She is in college in England and part of her program is that they spend their 3rd year as an intern (They call it Placement there.) Anyway, she says she’s seriously looking into Los Angeles and may stay with Maurice and I if that happens. I’m thrilled at the possibility.

    I’m sure if I gave it a lot of thought that I’d come up with something funny, but that’s the best I got. LOL

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  2. That was a hoot! LM is so smart!
    Um, my kids are mad at us and each other and the whole world cause we were at the school to pick them up when the Halloween party was over, as we said we would be and they said, “OKAY!” and hopped out of the car and apparently it is a huge adult conspiracy to stop the party just when everyone started havin fun. Ain’t nobody laughed here all night, but tomorrow’s another day. 🙂

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    • Funniest show ever IMO! Season one they basically copied the British version, which didn’t go over as well with the American audience or with people who had seen the other version, but seasons two and beyond, they turned it into their own thing and it was great (until about season 6).

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