Things Kids Say Thursday: Happy Birthday, Batman

Today is my birthday. I’m 33, so — as I’ve been reminded by my husband — I can no longer claim to be “just into my 30s” or my early “30s.” It’s mid-30s now, or so he says. He’s six years older than me, so all those years of teasing him about being old are coming back to bite me.

This morning I told Baby Girl that today is my birthday, hoping she’d sing Happy Birthday in the adorable way that she does.

“No, it not,” she answered. “It not Mommy’s birthday. It’s Batman’s birthday. Happy birthday, Batman!”

Da hell?

“No, it’s Mommy’s birthday today,” I tried again.

“No! It NOT Mommy’s birthday. It Batman’s birthday!” she argued. And then she started singing. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Batman, happy birthday to you.”


She cut her toy birthday cake and sang to her Batman again later — not a word for her mommy. Fucking caped crusader.

The birthday was pretty good, but very non-eventful aside from getting flowers. We’ll try to celebrate on Sunday after the Busiest Week Ever finishes. Little Man has had soccer every day since Sunday and will have it again tomorrow (his team will play for the All Star Championship). Plus I’ve been trying to complete a laundry list of deep cleaning chores, get our sweaters ready, get Little Man’s costume stuff together for the program on Monday, go to appointments, decorate, plus the usual stuff. I believe the drinks I have on Saturday will be well deserved.


44 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Happy Birthday, Batman

  1. With age brings wisdom and your still beautiful so you have plenty of time sister. Would love to hear your thoughts on a few of out stories at Gastradamus. Your words on Queen Kong and I would be excellent. Thank you so much for your time

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  2. You’re 29 with 4 years experience! Likewise, my wife is 29 with 13 years experience, lol

    My view, its just a number. You’re as old as you feel, unless you’re walking around a shopping mall with a bunch of teenagers, then there’s no hope.

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  3. Happy birthday, and aren’t kids the most selfish little turds? I remember once, we had Stella’s birthday party on my actual birthday. Whenever someone would wish me a happy day, she would become absolutely incensed. I swear….

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  4. Happy belated Batman’s Birthday! 🙂 Like others have said, you are still in your early 30s. Mid-30s are 35 to 39.99726 (the day before your birthday), when you are in your late 30s. My post includes math, it is on the Interwebs, and I’m older — so you know I’m right.

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  5. I am no expert, but if you are teaching math and happen upon the rounding lesson, 33 is rounded to 30 (unless you’re crazy enough to round to the nearest 5 and that would be simply ridiculous!) so don’t let Sam fool you. You are in your early 30s.

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