Awesome Socks

In a post on Sunday, I mentioned being worried about being dropped by my psychiatrist because of violating the policy of missing two appointments. Thankfully, yesterday I was told that I could come in today, no issues. Whew.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I like this psychiatrist quite a lot. She’s definitely better than the other psychiatrist or nurse practitioner I saw, by a long shot, plus she’s funny as hell. We were going over my meds and stuff when I noticed her socks:

screenshot-2017-01-17-at-6-42-43-pmI got a kick out of them. I found them online (since taking picture of her feet would probably have resulted in another diagnosis) and will probably order myself a pair, as I like funky socks, too. The website also had some other cool socks, including socks that have “I hate everyone, too, “Badass,” and “I am going to get shit done…later.” It’s probably good that she didn’t choose the “I love my job…just kidding” socks.


20 thoughts on “Awesome Socks

  1. Oh, I envy you a good therapist! It would have been interesting to see what she’d say if you said you wanted to take a pix of her socks. Ooooh, so many good sayings. You think if I got the “I hate people too” and the kidding about the job love ones AND got the coffee mug I wanted for work (but chickened out), that the biotches might get a message? Nah, me neither.

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